Scope of the Code of Behaviour

Students who attend Coláiste Éanna are expected to uphold and respect the good reputation of the school. Any actions which bring the school into disrepute will be subject to sanction as deemed appropriate by the Principal/Board of Management.

Students who attend Coláiste Éanna are subject to the terms of our Code of Behaviour in all of the following circumstances:

  • While in school buildings or on school grounds. This includes times and days when school is not in session and during holiday periods.
  • In the environs of the school during the course of the school day while at local shops, or on adjacent grounds or property.  This includes the periods before the commencement of school, at lunchtime and after school has finished.
  • While making their way to/from school in the mornings, at lunchtime and after school.
  • While participating in sports or extra-curricular activities on school grounds or elsewhere.
  • While travelling on transport organised by the school for various purposes.
  • While participating in events organised by the school away from the school site. This includes occasions where they are given responsibility for making their own way independently to and from such events.
  • While engaging in Work Experience/Shadowing as part of the Transition Year or Leaving Certificate Vocational Programmes.
  • While engaging in Community Care as part of the Transition Year Programme.
  • While abroad on school tours or on the India Immersion Programme.
  • While State and House Examinations are in progress.
  • At all times while wearing the school uniform which identifies them as students of Coláiste Éanna.

The school reserves the right to consider the impact of events which occur outside of the aforementioned circumstances on the safety, welfare and good name of the school.

These would include involvement in crime, violence, substance abuse or dealing in illegal substances. The Principal/Board of Management reserves the right to consider such circumstances in the context of the Code of Behaviour and to impose sanction up to and including Suspension/Expulsion.