Coláiste Éanna is part of the Edmund Rice Schools Trust (ERST). The schools in ERST are a closely-knit community of schools managed in accordance with the principles of the Edmund Rice Schools Charter.

The five key elements of the Edmund Rice Schools Trust Charter are

1. Nurturing faith, Christian spirituality and Gospel-based values
An Edmund Rice School is faithful to the life of Jesus Christ, develops the whole person, promotes a distinctive spirituality and celebrates diversity.

2. Promoting Partnership
An Edmund Rice School recognises the value of partnership, works in partnership with parents/guardians, seeks to build community embodies the principles of inclusiveness, respects the earth, fosters a sense of belonging to parish and promotes networking.

3. Excelling in Teaching and Learning
An Edmund Rice School focuses on purposeful teaching and learning, nurtures the holistic development of students, recognises the uniqueness of every student, promotes personal and professional development raises awareness of the interconnectedness of the world in which we live, uses information technology with critical awareness and responds to changing world.

4. Creating a Caring School Community
An Edmund Rice School develops a sense of community, identifies and serves the needs of students, promotes care and responsibility, works for social justice, fosters care for the environment and seeks to provide a safe and respectful working environment.

5. Inspiring Transformation Leadership

An Edmund Rice School fosters visionary leadership, encourages ownership of the vision, shares leadership roles, encourages the active participation of parent/guardians welcome innovative leadership of teachers, elicits leadership and responsibility in students, promotes spiritual and moral values , inspires courage and confidence and encourages a work ethos and innovation.

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