Funding Policy for School Books for Needy Students

The Board of Management will provide financial support with the provision of school books  to parents/guardians/students who experience financial hardship and for whom the purchase of school books would be an unaffordable and unreasonable burden. The extent to which this is possible will generally depend  on  the financial resources made available annually to Colaiste Eanna for this purpose by the Department of Education and Science. Where these specific resources have been exhausted, the extent to which the school can respond to applications for assistance with the purchase of school books will depend on the financial circumstances prevailing in the school at that particular time.



In the interests of clarity and accountability in relation to public monies, parents/guardians/students will apply in writing to the Principal on the relevant Application Form (available from the Bursar)for assistance as early as possible during the summer preceding initial enrolment or return to school. All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence. Parents will outline the reason(s) why they require the assistance and the extent of the assistance required. On satisfying the eligibility criteria, outlined, below, the Principal will issue the appropriate voucher for the School Supply Centre, Rathfarnham Shopping Centre, with which the school has an accommodation in this regard. The school will not, under any circumstances, issue monies to students or parents or guardians in relation to the operation of this scheme.


Eligibility Criteria:

The following criteria will inform the Principal’s decision in relation to providing financial support with the purchase of school books:

  1. Parent(s)/guardian(s) hold a current Medical Card.
  2. Neither parent/guardian enjoys secure employment.
  3. Family income is visibly low, in the opinion of the Principal.
  4. There are particular personal circumstances pertaining in the household concerned, which, in the opinion of the Principal, merit the provision of support with the purchase of school books.
  5. Where a student is 18 years of age or over and has no visible means of support.



Where a parent/guardian/student is unhappy with the decision of the Principal, they may appeal to the Board of Management within ten days of receiving notification of the Principal’s decision. The Board will consider the matter at its next subsequent meeting and the appellant will be informed of its decision as soon as is practicable thereafter.