Classroom Rules in Coláiste Éanna

To ensure a safe and positive environment for learning and teaching, the school expects that you will:

  1. Enter the room quietly, on time with your school uniform fully visible and visit lockers at allowed times only.
  2. Bring in Journal, Books, Copies and Equipment that each lesson requires and place them on the desk.
  3. Be courteous and polite to teachers and to fellow students.  It is unacceptable to shout, push, make noise, misbehave or have mobile phones switched on.
  4. Sit in your allocated seat, pay attention and follow the teachers’ instructions at all times.
  5. Raise your hand silently if you wish to contribute to the lesson and speak only when invited to do so by the teacher.
  6. Give of your best and be positive towards the efforts of others. Show all homework and record all homework in the Journal.
  7. Eat and drink at allocated places/times and place all litter in bins provided.
  8. Leave classroom only with teacher’s consent, filling out the `Out of Class Monitor` when leaving and returning.
  9. After the lesson, leave classroom quietly only when the teacher has given permission to do so.