Anti-bullying Programme


Coláiste Éanna runs an ongoing bullying prevention programme. The programme is divided into two strands – prevention and intervention. The prevention element involves awareness raising lessons aimed at helping students to Recognise, Reject and Report bullying behaviour. This supports the second strand which is a formal response mechanism which occurs when allegations of bullying or concerns about the well being of students are raised.

Should concerns be raised, the class/year group is surveyed and students are asked to identify any student about whom they have concern and the reason for their concern. Students are assured that the aim of this exercise is to identify the student(s) who is (are) behaving in a bullying way in order to discuss the hurt being caused by their behaviour. Information is given in confidence and the source of our information is not divulged to the student(s) who is (are) alleged to be bullying An interview with the perpetrator follows where the emphasis is on this student’s recognition of the effects of his behaviour and an undertaking by him to stop his damaging behaviour. In the majority of cases this interview is sufficient to bring an end to the bullying. The situation is monitored to ensure that this is the case.

The Anti-Bullying team is made up of a core group of teachers who teach the awareness raising lessons and respond to situations when they arise. All staff members support the programme through their vigilance and reporting of their concerns to members of the team. We acknowledge and appreciate students’ support for the programme through their survey responses or reporting of concerns.

To read our Anti-Bullying policy please visit our School Policies page.