6th Year Soccer Challenge Students vs Teachers

Wednesday 23rd May was the final school day for our Leaving Cert students 2018.  The day began with the traditional breakfast in the canteen, followed by a photo presentation of the students over the years.  It was fun spotting friends who had moved on to pastures new but thankfully all had grown up into fine, mature young men.  As sport plays a major role in the school, the finale of the day is always a soccer match between students and staff.  This year’s game was indeed a clash of champions as Real Madrid were represented by our 6th Years (in deference to their Year Head)  against Liverpool represented by our very own brave men & women, under the guidance of Gareth Hayden (not Bale). With the sun shining and the referee on the staff payroll, great things were expected from our action packed colleagues!  The game provided lots of fun & enjoyment and the penalty shootout at the end was the icing on the cake.   The teachers proved to handle the pressure and won out on a scoreline of 5 – 3 (penalties, FT score 3 -3)