On meeting Conor Kostick by Matthew Nolan (B1)

Conor Kostick, the well known author of Epic, Saga and Edda, visited our school on Wednesday the 13th of May to talk to us about his writing career. He started off by introducing himself, telling us about his career as an author and History Professor at Nottingham University. Then he showed us a brief PowerPoint on his many books, most noticeably Epic. Epic is probably his most well known book. It has been translated into many different languages and the artwork on the front and back covers really stands out. He showed us his childrens books as well like The Book of Curses and The Book of Wishes.

After his PowerPoint, he went into more detail about what his different books were about and then he took questions from us. He answered the questions well. They included questions like “What games were you playing when you wrote Epic?” and “Have you been asked to make Epic into a movie?” He plans to release his next books online for free. We are really excited about this. He finished off with a picture with second year Noman Javed. The visit was very interesting and he gave good advice for young authors