Class of 2013 – Anti-Bullying

Dear Class of 2013,

This year, Coláiste Éanna organised a day of presentations for students from 1st to 6th year relating to Internet safety.

The presentations included discussion on:

  1. How a person’s computer or phone can be used against the individual who owns it.
  2. Why cyber bullying and grooming continue to happen.
  3. How an interesting sexually oriented image shared between friends can get onto hundreds of amateur porn sites.
  4. Why students need to respect their privacy and security when online.
  5. How an advert by a teenager on a so called ‘sex personals’ site can be dangerous to their actual health as well as their online reputation.

As well as these issues of security and protection, some cold hard facts relating to personal responsibility – accountability and traceability were stressed and the fact that it is not possible to truly erase our “historical mistakes”. The practice among some within the business and HR community of examining applicants’ Facebook and Twitter pages to gain insights and understanding regarding the character of their potential employees was addressed.

Examples were given regarding:

  1. i. Why and how an individual’s blog post or tweets can affect their professional prospects in the future.
  2. ii. How material on the internet can be an extension of a students’ CV.
  3. iii. How software is used by HR and security consultants to gather information on individuals.

We think it is important to highlight this with you as we would have welcomed the opportunity to provide you with a similar training day during your last year in school if the opportunity had been available to us.

Wishing you all the very best for the future,

Ms Kent

Anti-bullying co-ordinator                                                                                            October 2013