Success at Kangourou sans Frontierres & Prism Maths Competitions

Congratulations to the following students who particiapted in Kangourou sans Frontierres Irelande, KSF –IE 2014

Kevin Fletcher and Danilo Lovic received Gold Certificates. Luke Dunleavy, Itgel Ganbold, Eoin Griffin and Ciaran Cashman received Silver Certificates. Daragh Graham, Daniel Herbst, Cian Duff Hogan, Eoghan Monaghan, David Riordan, Michael and Stephen Sherin who all received Bronze Certificates. Nathan Doussot, Conor Hagan, Jack Leach, Nadeem Naber and Cian Stenson received Participation Certificates.

Congratulations and well done to the students who participated in the Prism Maths Competition.

Ben Graham and Danilo Lovic were named Joint Junior School Champions and Kevin Fletcher was named Senior School Champion.